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Plugged in a consumption meter on St Moritz lay z spa - and over two 48 hour test periods - cost of running the heater all the time - went from £105 per month to £60 per month - so a 43% saving - or £45 per month - cost of cover and surround - approx £270 - so all paid for in 6 months.

Spa under cover so no metal supports needed - easy to pop off and on. Great people to deal with - nice kit - up the Welsh!


They retain the heat in the hot tub so well, my electricity bill reduced by over 60% (compared to a naked hot tub)! Craig 


The Hot Tub Jacket from Insulation & More has really helped with heat retention and assisted in keeping the operating costs down. The investment pays for itself in no time. It fits with ease, works well and I highly recommend having one. -Alex 


So it’s 14th June 2021, air temperature is 20C, water 40, the upper surface of the uninsulated inflatable top cover is showing 34.6, and the temperature between the outer skin of the pool and the insulated cover is also 34 with the body of the pump registering 32, but the outside surface of the insulated pool cover is 25 and of the pump cover 24, so the Cwtchy covers make a difference of around ten degrees Celsius, and I had similar results on a day with lower ambient air temperature.  Meanwhile the rubber duck is just keeping an eye on things! -Rod


Brilliant cover, we have been really impressed, we installed it over a month and have gone from £1.78 per day (12.69kWh/day) to £0.62 per day (4.8kWh/day) which should save up over £400 in a year on a Hawaii in Cumbria! Love the fact the top cover is the only part that needs to come off, can be taken off in less than a minute. The metal frame which rests on top of the hot tub stops any water collecting which is brilliant and protects the spa. The pump cover cuts the pump noise down quite a bit. The cover has completely changed how we use the spa as it only drops 2-3 degrees now over 48hrs means the hot tub is always ready to jump into!- David 


Absolutely love my jacket! Fits perfectly and looks great….and best of all it does the job and has made a noticeable difference to the heat retention!!- Gemma


Love my hot tub even more now its wrapped in the Cwtchy cover, it helps protect the inflatable keeps it super warm saving us money and stops it fading with the sun. Wrap it round clip and pull tight then its ready to be left on 24/7.- Jill


Fantastic quality and fixings on the surround, like a cozy duvet and it’s heavy-duty fabrics. The same for the top cover with the 4 steel supports and great secure strong fixings, Saves a fortune on heating and speedy delivery too. -Sharon


The wrap enhances the hot tub and does a superb job of keeping the heat in and the temperature consistent. We’ve noticed a huge difference since installing the product and it’s certainly great value for money. -Mark


We absolutely love our set up from insulation and more, not only it looks aesthetically pleasing, we have been saving money since set up!! Highly recommended, thank you! -Sophie


My lovely wave Atlantic made even better with my insulation and more cover, fits so neatly and has reduced my running costs significantly.  I recommend them highly 👌
Be happy, chill out and enjoy. -Jude


I use Cwtchy covers as reviews have been very promising.  I support Welsh businesses and loved the Cwtchy name! I have all 3 products for my spa and this has saved me money on heating and also the covers look great also.  The products are highly recommended. - Suzanne


Ordered the hot tub jacket, lid cover and pump cover as we needed to make savings on our electricity! Arrived very well packaged with no damage.  Very pleased with our purchase.  The jacket is easy to fit and has adjustable straps to get a good snug fit which is important to us as it gets very windy here. The lid was easy to assemble and is easy to take off when we need to use the hot tub.  The pump cover is well designed and is also easy to fit.  The covers are already saving us money with the electric which is fantastic.  An added bonus is that the covers also look really good which is great! Would definitely recommend! Thank you Insulation and More!- Anita



The cover is amazing - it keeps in so much heat that we turn off the heater when we get out and put it back on a few hours before we want to get in the next day.  Even when the heater has been off for for two days the water is still over 30 degrees!  I was uncertain about spending so much on a cover but I’m now confident that it will have paid for itself within a year of lower electricity bills.   Stuart


This fantastic cover has already saved us a small fortune in electric. Attractive, robust and very well made. We would recommend this product time and time again. Thank you, insulation and more.-Gillian


Looks well made and hope to see the cost saving for running the tub also makes it I believe more secure from cats scratching. Read so many excellent reviews and recommendations for this product.-Paul


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